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What is a Blind Corner Cabinet? Unveiling Hidden Spaces

by Gary Wade • January 23, 2024

In the realm of kitchen design, a term that frequently pops up is "what is a blind corner cabinet". However, for those unfamiliar with kitchen layout intricacies, unraveling the concept of a blind corner cabinet might be a bit perplexing. This article endeavors to demystify this term and present a comprehensive insight into what a blind corner cabinet is, its functional advantages, design variations, and strategic uses.

Navigating the Unknown: Exploring the Blind Corner Cabinet

A blind corner cabinet is a special kind of kitchen cabinet designed to be installed in the corner area of a kitchen, where two sets of cabinets meet at a right angle. The distinguishing feature of this cabinet type is a portion of its storage area concealed or "blind" when the cabinet door is opened, hence the term "blind corner cabinet".

With its unique architecture, a blind corner cabinet effectively addresses the challenge of maximizing storage space in kitchen corners, traditionally considered as tricky spots to utilize efficiently. Its versatility extends to both base and wall cabinets, making it a flexible solution for diverse kitchen layouts.

What is a blind corner kitchen cabinet

Decoding the Anatomy of a Blind Corner Cabinet

To appreciate the functionality of a blind corner cabinet, it's essential first to understand its structure. This cabinet form exhibits a rectangular profile, with one side featuring the door and drawer, and the other side being an open or void space.

The door-side of the cabinet, visible when the kitchen is in use, neatly aligns with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry.. This design feature ensures smooth transition from one wall cabinet to another, eliminating any large void spaces in the corner.

The Strategic Role of a Blind Corner Cabinet

Blind corner cabinets are more than just a design element; their utility extends to several aspects of kitchen planning and functionality:

Space Utilization

One of the primary reasons to adopt a blind corner cabinet is its space-saving potential. It allows you to fully exploit all available storage space in the kitchen, particularly the hard-to-reach corners. Whether you're dealing with an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, this cabinet type reduces dead or unused corner space while maintaining a clean and streamlined appearance.

Blind corner cabinet

Adapting to Modern Design Trends

In the context of modern kitchen design trends, blind corner cabinets hold a significant advantage. Contemporary aesthetics favor flat, unbroken lines, moving away from the classic angled corner cabinet. A blind corner cabinet facilitates this design preference by allowing you to utilize corner space without incorporating angled cabinetry.

Customization Opportunities

While blind corner cabinets come in standard sizes, their shape allows for considerable customization. You can shift these cabinets away from the backing wall, enabling your cabinetry bank to stretch perfectly along the entire length of the wall. Filler panels can be used to cover the cabinet box, creating a custom look without requiring custom-built cabinetry.

Functional Enhancements

Blind corner cabinets can be fitted with innovative accessory systems that significantly improve their functionality. For instance, magic corner pull-out systems, kidney-shaped or half-moon Lazy Susan turntables, and custom-built sliding shelves can be integrated to provide easier access to items stored at the back of the cabinet.

Blind corner kitchen cabinet

Blind Corner Cabinet vs. Traditional Corner Cabinet

While blind corner cabinets offer several benefits, they are not the only solution for corner spaces. Traditional corner cabinets, typically featuring an L-shaped or splayed cavity with either an angled or a dual-paneled bi-fold door, are also popular options.

The decision between a blind corner cabinet and a traditional corner cabinet depends largely on the specific space constraints and design preferences of your kitchen. Factors such as the proximity of a sink, appliance, or window to the corner, the available space, and the overall kitchen layout significantly influence this choice.

Enhancing Functionality with Blind Corner Cabinet Accessories

While blind corner cabinets excel in space utilization, one common challenge associated with them is accessing items stored at the back of the cabinet. However, there are several hardware and accessories available in the market that can mitigate this issue and enhance the functionality of blind corner cabinets:

Blind corner kitchen cabinets

Magic Corner Pull-Out Systems

One such solution is the magic corner pull-out system, which comprises two or more shelves on hinges and tracks. These systems can be easily pulled out from the cabinet cavity, providing easier access to the contents of the cabinet.

Lazy Susan Turntables

Alternatively, kidney-shaped or half-moon Lazy Susan turntables that rotate or swing outward are another smart solution. These turntables provide easy access to the items stored in the blind corner cabinets.

Custom-Built Sliding Shelves

For those seeking a more customized solution, custom-built sliding shelves could be a viable option. These shelves can be designed to fit perfectly within your blind corner cabinet, further enhancing its accessibility and utility.

Understanding Blind Corner Cabinets

When asking, what is a blind corner cabinet, its strategic advantages can help you make an informed decision while planning your kitchen layout. Its space-saving design, modern aesthetics, customization opportunities, and enhanced functionality make it a worthy contender in the arena of kitchen cabinetry.

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