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Inset Kitchen Cabinets

How to order our New Inset Kitchen Cabinets:

- Select a cabinet style here by clicking on the door image or the style name.
- Select your wood - Oak, Maple, Cherry (or Hickory, it's new so order Cherry and add a note at checkout).
- Select from the three columns for Wall, Base or Bath cabinets.

Once you select a group from these columns you'll see the option to add the inset upgrade to each cabinet as you add it to your cart.


Inset cabinets have been around for hundreds of years and are currently a hot trend. This European style orginated during the Georgian period when skilled artisans crafted handmade cabinets and fit the doors and drawer fronts inside the openings rather than a simple overlay hiding the fine wood that make up the stiles and rails of the cabinets.  Creating a timeless feel with a different look than contemporary cabinet designs.  Inset cabinets provide a very distinctive look!

Here's an interesting article explaining more about why inset kitchen cabinets are becoming so popular: Inset Cabinets

It takes a skilled craftsman to build quaility inset kitchen cabinetry. Unlike typical doors which mount on the cabinet face frame, they must be tightly fitted inside the cabinet opening, tightly fit the doors and drawer fronts into an open frame with a consitant minimal gap.

We are Pennsylvania master craftsmen with generations of skill and experience. We are the exempler of these very fine, high quality, nostalgic cabinets and offer them at a price our customers appreciate!

All of our custom kitchen cabinets are solid wood and available in the most popular wood species, including Oak, Maple, Cherry and Hickory. Our cabinets are made to order with solid wood and solid core furniture grade plywood. No particle board is ever used, our solid wood cabinets are an investment for generations to come.