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Upgrade Your Space with Custom Unfinished Cabinets

Transform your living spaces with the exquisite allure of custom unfinished cabinets. All of our cabinets are crafted meticulously with precision and care, these cabinets redefine versatility within your home. Whether it's a kitchen revamp, a bathroom makeover, or an enhancement to any room, our cabinets seamlessly blend style with unparalleled functionality. Committing to a standard of excellence, our custom unfinished cabinets serve as the perfect blank canvas, allowing you to infuse your unique taste and personality into every detail.

Tailored Dimensions to Suit Your Vision

Custom unfinished kitchen cabinetry Experience the freedom to customize your cabinets down to the last inch, all at no extra charge. Adjust the cabinet width, height, or depth to fit your spatial requirements, ensuring a harmonious integration with your existing layout.

  • Increase cabinet height: add 25% to cabinet price (Up to 6")
    Just ask if you need something different.

  • Increase cabinet width: add 25% to cabinet price (Up to 6")
    Just ask if you need something different.

  • Increase cabinet depth: add 25% to cabinet price (Up to 18"), Add 50% to cabinet price, (18" to 24")
    Just ask if you need something different.

There are no additional charges if you choose to reduce cabinet height, width or depth.

Unleash Creativity with Extensions

Enhance the aesthetics and utility of your cabinets through thoughtful extensions.

  • Extend style: add 10% to cabinet price (Up to 6" ask if you need something different)

  • Extend top rail: add 10% to cabinet price (Up to 6" ask if you need something different)

  • 3/4 flush side: add 10% to cabinet price

  • 3/4 flush back: add 40% to cabinet price

  • 3/4 flush bottom: add 40% to cabinet price

Elevate Functionality with Premium Modifications

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to functional modifications that enhance everyday usability.

  • Base cabinets - full height doors, no drawers: Request "Full Height Doors" in notes section: No charge for modification.

  • Base cabinets - no toe kick - 30" height with no toe kick: adds 15% to cabinet price

  • Include feet for cabinets instead of toe kick: adds 35% to cabinet price

  • Base cabinets - flush toe kick - 34 1/2" height with 6" bottom rail: adds 15% to cabinet price
    (Standard base cabinet height is 34 1/2" height with 4 1/2" tall recessed toe kick that is 3" setback)

  • Toe kick drawers are $135.00 each, add $36.00 for soft close ($171.00 total)

Door, Drawers, and More: Your Choices, Your Design

Personalize your cabinets down to the smallest detail. Choose between full-height doors with no drawers, or incorporate toe kick drawers at a nominal cost.

  • No doors/drawer fronts: Deduct 5% from cabinet price.

  • Ship doors and drawer fronts loose: Add 15% to cabinet price

  • Add drawer(s): Add $100 per drawer

Frame Your Vision: Customization at Every Turn

Embrace the opportunity to modify door frame sizes, enhancing the aesthetics of your cabinets.

  • Change 1/2 shelf to full shelf: Add $20.00

  • Upgrade drawer front from slab to 5 piece with frame and center panel: Adds $20.00 per drawer front

  • Remove center style: Request "Butt Doors" in notes section. No charge modification

  • Modify door frame size: add 5% to cabinet price.

  • Standard door frame is 2 1/2" - Available options shown below

    2 1/4" 2 5/8"
    2 3/4" 2 7/8"
    3" 3 1/8"
    3 1/4" 3 1/2"

  • Inset doors and drawer fronts: We can upgrade any of our cabinet styles to include inset doors and drawer fronts for just $25 per door/ drawer front on each cabinet.

Explore the Versatility of Custom Unfinished Cabinets

The journey towards your dream living space begins with custom unfinished cabinets. Elevate your home's ambiance and functionality through tailor-made modifications that reflect your distinct style. With a seamless blend of versatility, quality, and customization, these cabinets redefine what it means to transform your living spaces.

Please make your request for any modifications in the notes section at checkout. If there is a balance due we will contact you within 1 - 2 business days to verify your customizations and collect payment.

Customization fees do not qualify for any applicable order discounts. When you make notes on an order you will get an immediate email confirmation that shows your notes. Then you will get a follow up email within 24 hours to confirm your request.

If you need something more custom, just send us a picture of your rough sketch with dimensions.

Phone: 877-320-8782