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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I order Inset Cabinets
A: The inset option will be found as an option on each cabinet as you add them to your basket. This adds $25 per door/ drawer front on each cabinet purchased. This will not be charged at checkout, we will contact you within 1 to 2 business days to confirm the order details and collect payment for the balance due.


Q: What is the Shipping/ Delivery time?
A: Our Unfinished Cabinets are currently shipping within at 4 to 5 weeks. Finishing adds 2 to 3 weeks (6 to 8 weeks total). Your order will then ship via freight and arrive within 3 to 5 days.


Q: Do you offer Hickory?
A: Yes, we can offer Hickory for the same price as Cherry. Just make this request in the notes section at checkout and we'll make that change after the order comes through.


Q: Why do I need to choose a look for an Exposed Side?
A: Our cabinet sides are built with 1/2" furniture grade Birch plywood sides. If you want the exposed sides to match the wood species of the face frame.


Q:What are my options for Exposed Sides?
A: We give you three optoins.
1) Match Species Ply- We build the exposed side(s) in matched species plywwod (Oak, Maple, Cherry or Hickory).
2) Skin- We attach a 1/4" matched species plywood skin. This skin rests behind the face frame making the side flush.
3) Skin with Decor Door- We will attach a 1/4" matching skin to make the side flush then we will apply a 3/4 thick decorative door to go on over that.


Q: Are these cabinets CARB2 compliant?
A: Yes, Our products are constructed from solid hardwoods and furniture grade plywood. Our plywood is CARB2 compliant for restricted formaldehyde emissions. There is no particleboard in our cabinetry boxes.


Q: What are the differences between styles?
A: We offer a variety of door styles. The differences between the styles are in hinge overlay and drawer glide options.  Standard 1/2" overlay leaves about 1" space around the doors and drawer fronts. Full 1 1/2" overlay has larger doors and drawer fronts leaving about 1/4" space between the doors and drawer fronts.


Q: Are these cabinets in stock?
A: No. Everything we sell is custom built for you by our master craftsmen from scratch, not stocked. There is no finer or better built cabinet available, anywhere. That is one of the reasons we have a 5 star rating.


Q: May I pick up my order from the factory?
A: Our factory is located in central Pennsylvania and does allow pick-up. Contact customer service to make arrangemnts.


Q: Can I upgrade my delivery method to curbside delivery after the order ships for $149.00?
A: If you upgrade your order to curbside delivery after the order ships, this request will incur a $75.00 re-consignment fee for a total charge of $224.00.


Q: I am getting glass doors. What does the inside of the cabinet look like?
A: The inside is high quality, furniture grade birch plywood. You may request a custom order and choose "same species case", so that the inside of the cabinet will be made with the same species of wood. The cost for this custom upgrade is 50% of the cabinet price.


Q: How much prep is required before finishing these cabinets?
A: The cabinets come sanded, but you may have some final prep sanding to do before you proceed to finishing depending on what product and method you are using. We suggest 150 grit sand paper for stain or paint. That is what we use before we ship.


Q: What is your finishing process?
A: Our cabinets are prep sanded with 150 grit sand paper. Then we apply a deep penetrating stain to all surfaces. (If you want the exposed sides finished you must upgrade the sides to have matching wood species.) All surfaces are then hand wiped to remove excess stain. We then seal the cabinets to repel moisture and prevent expansion and contraction. Then we hand sand the cabinets with 500 grit sand paper before receiving the final top coast. The final top coat is a clear polyurethane conversion varnish 20 sheen. Our conversion varnish is fast drying and acid cured. If you choose for us to paint your cabinets the paint would be applied after the sealer and seal sanding with 500 grit sand paper. Our paint is also 20 Sheen which is similar to a Satin finish.