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Wood Types

These are the species of wood used in the manufacturing of our high quality, ready-to-finish cabinets:
Maple is a very light colored hard wood with an even grain texture. This wood is very durable and will take any color stain or paint well.
Northern Red Oak has a redish cast and is a very hard wood with an open grain. This is an extremely durable wood that stains well.
Cherry has beautiful reddish brown to deep red color with lighter streaks of sapwood. The beauty of this hard wood and accompanying even grain has been a favorite choice of customers for centuries.

When you choose ready-to-finish cabinets there are a broad range of options to meet your cabinet needs. You have the choice of various wood colors, hardness and grain patterns. Each species has it's own distinct characteristics and grain patterns that make it unique.

Our cabinets are made of solid wood and available in a variety of species including pine, maple, oak and cherry. Solid wood indicates that any exposed parts of the piece of cabinets are made of a solid board or solid core plywood. No particleboard or medium density fiber board is used. Purchasing solid wood cabinets is a wise investment for the future.

Another advantage is that you may add a new piece at any time, and have it finished to match your existing cabinets. That typically isn't an option with pre-finished cabinets.