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Albany Sample Door

Albany Sample Door

    Price: $39.95

    Code: albany-sample-door

    Available in: Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, White Oak, or Hickory

    Dimensions: 12" x 15"

    Weight: 3.00 pounds

    Albany Sample Door

    Albany Slab Cabinet Door Sample for our Inset, Full Overlay or Classic Overlay Kitchen Cabinets. Available Finished or Unfinished in Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, White Oak, or Hickory. It's all up to you!

    A Slab Design cabinet door is a simple and minimalist option, it features a one-piece flat panel without any frame or profile. This Style is available in solid wood with wood battens or veneered plywood. The veneered plywood option is preferred for paint for a smoother finish, Maple is always recommended for a painted finish. This style of cabinet door has gained popularity in modern and contemporary kitchens due to its sleek and streamlined design. The simplicity of the slab door allows other design elements in the kitchen, such as backsplash tiles or countertops, to stand out. Additionally, slab doors are easy to clean and maintain, making them a convenient option for busy homeowners. Overall, a slab design cabinet door offers a modern and functional option for homeowners who prefer a minimalist look for their kitchen cabinets.